Hello and welcome to InfoStream's Freshdesk ticketing system. This short tutorial will assist you in creating a new ticket from within the portal. Please browse to our ticketing system portal by going to infostream.freshdesk.com.

1) When first accessing the portal, you will be greeted by the Welcome screen:

2) Log into the portal (or create a new account if you do not already have one) by clicking on "Login" or "Sign up" along the top right.


3) Click on "New support ticket".

4) Fill out all pertaining fields to the best of your knowledge. Please try to fill in as much information as possible and as accurately as possible to ensure the ticket is routed correctly and work is performed in a timely manner.

Note: All required fields are indicated with red asterisk

Submit a ticket - fields explained:

Choices for Ticket "Type (please choose one)" are as follows:

  • Support Ticket - Please choose this for any support related inquiries. 
    • NOTE: If selecting "Support Ticket" as your choice, another drop box will become visible requiring you to choose the urgency of the ticket. Please see our "Ticket priorities explained" guide for a short description and examples for each category.
  • General Question - Please choose this if you are asking a general question.
  • Feedback - Please choose this to submit feedback, recommendations, concerns, etc.
  • Sales - Please choose this if you are inquiring about sales (new purchases, services, etc.)

Is this an emergency checkbox: Please place a check mark in this field ONLY if the ticket is an emergency. An emergency something where the the incidient described in support ticket is impacting work critical to the nature of the company (i.e. entire network is down, multiple users cannot receive email, virus outbreak on multiple systems, etc.). 

Person to contact, Contacts phone, Contacts email field(s): this field represents the person to contact who is experiencing the issue which may be different than the person requesting the ticket. In this case, the support team would try to reach this personinstead of the ticket requester which is usually created by the point of contact at a company.

Subject: A short description of the issue.

Description: A description of the issue. Please include as much information as possible to assist the support agent with troubleshooting the ticket and resolving the matter as efficiently as possible

Attach a file: Please attach any images or other files that can assist in troubleshooting the ticket by clicking on "+ Attach a file.

5) After submitting a ticket, you should get a confirmation similar to the following:

The requester should have also received an email notification with their public ticket URL.