Hello from the InfoStream Team,

We are constantly trying to improve our services to our clients and improve the general well being of everyone we work with. After a stringent evaluation of our internal clockwork, we have honed in on areas upon which we could improve and decided to do something about it! We spent hours and hours evaluating several help desk ticketing system trying to find the best match for our clients and our staff. We finally decided on Freshdesk, a robust and proven ticketing system that is being used by over 80,000 companies, so… *drum roll please* I would like to Welcome all of you to the new InfoStream Ticketing System!

* Crowd goes wild!! *



We are working on incorporating a brand new ticketing system called FreshDesk that will help streamline ticket operations from creation to resolution. The new system will be your hub for creating tickets, checking status of a ticket, looking up previous tickets, and simply being able to manage tickets easily and more efficiently than before. In addition to opening up tickets, you will be able to ask a sales related question, a general question, and even submit feedback which is great because we are always looking for ways to improve our customers’ experience.

Here is a list of some of the benefits our new ticketing system has to offer:

  • Centralized ticket management via administration portal.
  • Ability to modify tickets on the fly in case assistance is no longer necessary.
  • Ability to check status of tickets and receive frequent email update on ticket status.
  • Ability to retain a record of past tickets.
  • Knowledge base section with How-to articles, FAQs, and quick fixes – easily search for a possible fix to an issue.
  • You can still submit issues through email and/or phone – email tickets will automatically add to user portal based upon the email address generating the request. Phone tickets will have to be manually entered
  • Submit general questions, sales questions, and feedback through the administration portal.



We are currently rolling out the ticketing system with the goal of making sure you, as the user, will have the best experience possible. We are tweaking any bugs in the system as we ramp up the usage. With that said, by all means please start using the system now. The more users we have evaluating the system, the more input we will receive, the better the system will be. You will receive another email when we are


Most of our client contacts are already setup in the system. You will soon find an email coming from support@infostream.freshdesk.com asking you to activate your account. Clicking on the activation link will take you to the portal and request that you enter a password. Once you enter your password, it will take you straight into the portal.

The email will look similar to this:


If you did not receive an activation email from support@infostream.freshdesk.com, you can easily create a new account by browsing to: https://infostream.freshdesk.com, clicking on “Sign up”, and following through with the directions.

Quick review - Ways to submit tickets in recommended order:

  • Submit a ticket through the portal
  • Submit a ticket to support@infostream.cc which will automatically create a new ticket in the ticketing system
  • Submit a ticket by calling the main office line @ 561-968-0046

PLEASE NOTE: We have had users in several occasions open a ticket by emailing an engineer directly. Our engineers are hard at work and may be preoccupied at the time the email is received which may result in a delay in processing the ticket. Please use the methods listed above to avoid any delays in processing you request.

** Please send an email to support@infostream.cc with any issues with creating an account. **

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